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My Sketch London Afternoon Tea Experience

Sketch London afternoon tea cup - Ghosts - forget about it
Afternoon tea - Sketch
Our afternoon tea at Sketch took place in the gallery room at Sketch London. The gallery at Sketch is a girly, glamorous room, with pink walls and matching pink soft, velvety sofas and chairs. Along with glimmering rose gold accents and an amazing zig zag tiled floor.

Sketch London afternoon tea - dresscode
Gallery room at Sketch

A friendly hostess told us that the gallery room at Sketch London has been pretty in pink for about 3 years. It normally gets a makeover every 2 years, but the room has been so popular that it hasn't been re-designed yet. I'm glad I got the chance to experience it for myself.

Afternoon tea at Sketch is four courses long. The first two afternoon tea courses at Sketch are
sandwiches and sweet pastries. Both arrive together on a rack of quirky crockery.

The ceiling at Sketch is beautiful to look at and super high in the gallery room at Sketch. There are doodles on the walls and surprisingly everything goes together nicely.

Pink interiors - gallery room at Sketch
Pink interiors - gallery room at Sketch
Sketch London - gallery room walls
Gallery room walls - Sketch London

Afternoon tea at Sketch is suitable for friends and family. Couples and older kids. It was a more casual affair than I had envisioned. There's no requirement to dress all the way up for Sketch afternoon tea. However I recommend doing so for a sit down evening meal.

Milk dreams and ghosts teacup - Sketch
Ghosts and dreams milk tea

For my first cup of Sketch London tea, I ordered the Taiwan oriental beauty tea. It wasn't very memorable to be fair. My husband J went for a chai tea.

Afternoon tea gallery Sketch
Sketch London afternoon tea - gallery room

We both received our own rack of sandwiches and pastries. Five sandwiches are served during afternoon tea at Sketch. A coronation chicken sandwich. Smoked salmon. Quail egg with caviar. A cheese pesto toastie and asparagus with cucumber sandwiches.

Sandwiches - Sketch London
Sketch afternoon tea sandwiches

The coronation chicken sandwich at Sketch was one of my faves. Tender, flavoursome pieces of chicken between soft brown bread. My other favourite sandwich during afternoon tea at Sketch was the yummy cheese pesto toastie. It comes tied up in a cute little ribbon with baking paper. The smoked salmon sandwich is served in a soft, pitta style bread.

Sketch afternoon tea food
Sketch London afternoon tea photo
Cakes - Sketch afternoon tea
It's okay you can have more cake!

The sweet pastries weren't that memorable to me. However, my favourite part of Sketch afternoon tea - the scones, were as good as you'd expect. Choose between fruit or plain scones which arrive with clotted cream, fig sauce and homemade jam.

Scones Sketch afternoon tea
Scones - Sketch afternoon tea

For my second tea I tried the flowering osmantus which was a bit of a disappointment. There's also an option for champagne teas which I didn't try.

Afternoon tea menu Sketch London
Afternoon tea menu - Sketch

Gallery room menu- Sketch London
Sketch menu

Now, lets talk toilets. Yes toilets!

The bathroom at Sketch is amazing to say the least! You'll first be met by a large brilliant white bathroom. Which won't resemble a bathroom at all! With a dome shaped nightclub space snug in the middle. Winding white stairs lead up to the futuristic, open plan bathroom. The bathroom at Sketch is a total contrast to the pink, romantically lit gallery room. Giant egg pods in the bathroom are in actual fact toilets. Where once inside a cubicle, you'll feel like you're on a mission to mars! Astronaut commentary can be heard in each of the bathroom toilets.

Sketch London toilet cubicles
Sketch London bathroom

The high curved ceilings in the bathroom at sketch are a gorgeous feature too. A montage of colourful, semi translucent squares. Which glow brighter when the sun hits them. In the bathroom, a men's urinal even has a continuous floor to ceiling waterfall effect. We didn't even realise what it was at first!

What Was Amazing? 

The venue itself. The beautiful pink gallery room at Sketch plus the most unique bathroom toilets!

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Important Disclaimer
This is a review of afternoon tea at Sketch.  Sketch is a restaurant with unique design features and multiple rooms. Afternoon tea is held in the gallery room at Sketch. Sketch is located in Mayfair London. The afternoon tea menu at Sketch during the time of visit and at the time of this post includes meat, vegetarian, gluten free and seafood options. All information was correct at the time of listing. Sketch is described online as a "Quirky, 18th-century townhouse tea room that transforms into a cocktail lounge every evening."  The photos of afternoon tea at sketch. The gallery room and bathroom in this blog post are originals, which were taken at Sketch London. Along with any text and personal opinions about Sketch afternoon tea and menu are copywritten by said owner of The photographs and text on this blog must not be copied. Distributed. Sold or printed without prior written consent of this travel and lifestyle blog owner. contact the site owner for more details.

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