Bourne And Hollingsworth For Lunch

My Bourne and Hollingsworth Experience

Starters - Bourne and Hollingsworth
Starters - Bourne and Hollingsworth
Bourne and Hollingsworth is a light, airy bar - restaurant with a greenhouse dining area. Plants, mismatched chairs and comfy sofas dotted about.

Bourne and Hollingsworth is a quirky little establishment that's popular with those in the know. Bath tubs masquerade as sinks in the bathrooms and a piano can be seen near the bar.

We received complimentary bread and water whilst we waited for our meal.

For starters at Bourne and Hollingsworth I ordered a
Goats cheese tart with beetroot. It tasted like a quiche and was slightly sour tasting.
My husband J ordered the grilled asparagus with pheasant egg for starters which was pretty decent.

Pheasant egg. Asparagus - Bourne and Hollingsworth
Bourne and Hollingsworth - grilled asparagus. Pheasant egg
My main was a chicken curry. Fresh, fragrant rice accompanied a mild chicken curry. The pieces of chicken were tender and the meal tasted very homely.

chicken curry bourne and hollingsworth
Bourne and Hollingsworth - chicken curry

J's main was sirloin steak with chips. The most prime cut beef steak you can get next to Wagyu. He enjoyed it and I tried some of his chunky chips which were yummy with a melt in the mouth taste.

Bourne and Hollingsworth food
Bourne and Hollingsworth Food
I really enjoyed my dessert of white and dark caramel and chocolate mousse with lavender shortbread. The dessert was delicious and fragrant. I like the gentle taste of lavender that comes through the crumbly, buttery shortbread. The mousse was some of the best I've ever tasted. More sophisticated than that of childhood memories.

Bourne and Hollingsworth dessert
Bourne and Hollingsworth - White and dark caramel chocolate mousse with lavender shortbread


What Was Amazing At Bourne And Hollingsworth? 

The venue is pretty cool. The yummy dessert of white and dark chocolate and caramel mousse, with lavender shortbread.

All in all I wasn't overly amazed by Bourne and Hollingsworth. However this is a great place for those that enjoy British and fine dining cuisine.

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Important Disclaimer
This is a review of Bourne and Hollingsworth restaurant. Bourne and Hollingsworth is a collective company. Described online as "a London-based group, which owns a number of entertainment venues and events in the city. The first London venue was Bourne & Hollingsworth Bar, which opened in 2007. The group has other large events partnerships with Secret Cinema and with The Tweed Run." The menu at Bourne and Hollingsworth during the time of visit and at the time of this post includes meat and vegetarian options. All information was correct at the time of listing. Further details taken directly from the Bourne and Hollingsworth website are as follows : Telephone : 0203 1741156 The photos of food in this blog post are originals, which were taken at Bourne and Hollingsworth London. Along with any text and personal opinions about Bourne and Hollingsworth restaurant and menu are copywritten by said owner of The photographs and text on this blog must not be copied. Distributed. Sold or printed without prior written consent of this travel and lifestyle blog owner. contact the site owner for more details.

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