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My Sunday Barnsbury Experience

Banana French Toast. Chicken and waffles - Sunday Barnsbury food
Sunday Barnsbury food
Sunday Barnsbury is a cozy cafe/restaurant on a peaceful, pretty residential north London road. There's indoor and garden seating at Sunday Barnsbury.

We went for an early lunch as I had woken up feeling super hungry. I ordered a
brioche french toast sandwich at Sunday Barnsbury and my husband J had chicken and waffles.

The french toast at Sunday Barnsbury sure does live up to the high expectation set thanks to instagram pictures of the stuff.

French toast Sunday Barnsbury
Sunday Barnsbury - French toast sandwich

The brioche french toast at Sunday Barnsbury is some of the best french toast you're going to find in London. A generous load of banana, berries, vanilla creme fraiche and salted caramel are sandwiched between thick slices of perfectly done eggy (French) bread.

The french toast is thick and fluffy with a dusting of sugar. Thick, bitter sweet caramel sauce and yummy, crunchy caramel pieces from the caramelised banana are perfection.

The brioche french toast at Sunday Barnsbury is a filling dish that I couldn't quite finish.

Chicken and waffles - Sunday Barnsbury
Sunday Barnsbury - Chicken and Waffles
From one amazing dish to another..let's talk about the chicken and waffles. The most perfect. Huge, tender pieces of fried chicken sit on top fluffy savory waffles. Finished off by some crunchy, creamy coleslaw.

The chicken and waffles at Sunday Barnsbury are some of the best I've ever had. You can really tell that the chicken is fresh and free range. Tender, succulent pieces of chicken are coated in a light, crisp batter that doesn't give you that oily feeling. I defo have to go back for my own portion of chicken and waffle loveliness.

To drink I tried a blueberry kombucha by Lois. It's a nice tasting kombucha in my opinion - mildly sweet and a little tangy.

I spotted some other meals going out during my time at Sunday Barnsbury and I have to say. They all looked tempting and well presented. There are some healthy options on the menu too.

What was amazing?

The food! All of it..perfection.

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