Macmillan big day out charity walk

Macmillan big day out charity walk

Last weekend I took part in my first ever charity walk. It was a 10k walk for Macmillan cancer support. The 10K walk began in Battersea Park and all participants wore Green Macmillan cancer research branded t-shirts. 

Charity walk
South London Samba sent us off in style with a drumming procession as we took in the sights across some of the Bridges in London. Going at our own pace. With views of Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. 

It takes roughly two hours to complete a 10k walk and is an amazing activity to participate in with friends. Family, solo or for a fun and active date. I walked with a friend and we stopped off for coffee along the route. The team at Macmillan cancer research were very friendly and helpful. 

With staff along the way to cheer us on. There were also arrows for the whole route to keep us on track. A nice soak in the tub or sauna is highly recommended for after a long 10k walk. Especially if the weather is chilly like it was on our day! 

At the end, we received a medal and a performance from the south London Samba band. A collective of young people who love to drum and play energetic music inspired by Latin, Caribbean and African rhythms. It was an important event, having lost my Aunt to cancer earlier this year. 

What is the Macmillan big day out

Big Day Out offers a great opportunity to stroll with loved ones, discover the city, and honor our communities in London and beyond while raising money to help those affected by cancer.

Participants meet in the event village at Battersea Park for a day of fun and support. Explore food and drink options, enjoy family-friendly activities, and learn about Macmillan's services. 

Be a part of the green wave as you embark on either the 10km route, passing by London's most famous landmarks, or opt for the 2.5km flat route around picturesque Battersea Park. Finish off your journey back in the event village.

Other Macmillan Charity Events

Throughout the year and all across the UK, Macmillan cancer support raise funds. Bring awareness and get people active and social through a number of different activities. The active activities include walking, running. Swimming, hiking and cycling activities. 

With social activities including Macmillan coffee mornings taking place every September. Plus Brave the shave and virtual gaming marathons throughout the year. Visit for more info. 

The Importance of Fundraising for Cancer Charities

Fundraising plays a crucial role in supporting cancer charities like Macmillan Cancer Support. These organizations rely heavily on donations to fund their vital services and research efforts. By raising funds, individuals can directly contribute to improving the lives of people affected by cancer.

One of the key reasons why fundraising is essential for cancer charities is that it enables them to provide much-needed support services. From emotional support to practical advice, these charities offer a wide range of assistance that helps patients and their families navigate through the challenges posed by this disease.

Additionally, fundraising contributes towards funding groundbreaking research initiatives aimed at finding better treatments and ultimately a cure for cancer. Research plays a pivotal role in advancing medical knowledge and developing innovative therapies that can save lives.

Moreover, fundraising helps raise awareness about cancer and its impact on society. By organizing events such as charity walks or campaigns, individuals can educate others about the importance of prevention measures, early detection, and regular screenings.

Furthermore, every donation received during fundraising efforts makes it possible for these charities to expand their reach and help more people affected by cancer. The funds raised enable them to extend their services beyond major cities into rural areas where access to healthcare resources may be limited.

Supporting cancer charities through fundraising not only provides immediate assistance but also has long-term effects in terms of research advancements and increased awareness. It empowers individuals with an opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of those fighting against this devastating disease. 

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