Alpha guns shooting range experience

Alpha guns is London's first and only Airsoft shooting range. Located in Camden, here you can practice target shooting in a safe, fun environment. 

Alpha guns
It was my first time getting to hold, load and shoot a variety of guns. A knowledgeable member of staff was there to teach me how to insert the magazines. Take the gun off safety as well as how best to hold each gun.

There are different packages but I went for the advanced package which was a lot of fun. With six rounds, each with a different objective.

For round 1 I was safely handed a handgun. The silver HMK 45 which is an automatic gas pistol. The objective of round 1 was to clear the board and I started off a bit rusty! My best score out of two tries was 11 out of 25.

I was better under pressure, as round two was target practice with a timer. I changed guns to a black HI CAPA and hit 13 out of 20 on my first attempt and 16 out of 20 on my second. I preferred to work with the first gas pistol. 

Round three was search and destroy so really putting hand eye coordination and response time to the test. For this I used an ARP 9 which is a rifle almost the length of my legs! My fastest time was 23 seconds down from 40 seconds the first time! 

For rounds 4, 5 and 6 I continued with the rifle and had my best score on around 5. With an impressive 24 out of 25! Round 6 was an accuracy test where I scored 34 out of a maximum score of 50.

The hardest thing for me I found was holding the guns up for a prolonged period of time, as they start to work your arms. Arm strengthening exercises will be very good before going to Airsoft. I would definitely recommend alpha guns for a date, a special occasion or just for fun. 

I left Alpha Guns with a loyalty card and you'll be pleased to know that a second, bigger alpha guns shooting range is set to open up soon. The elite and platinum packages allow for longer gameplay, different game modes and a larger variety of guns to choose from. Including AK74, Glock 19, KSG Shotgun and more. 
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