Ballie Ballerson ball pit cocktail bar

Ballie Ballerson cocktail bar review

We headed to the liveliest Tuesday night hangout in town.
The world class Ballie Ballerson in East London Shoreditch. 

This colourful. Immersive experience bar and nightclub has a unique concept of two adult ballpit rooms. Plus a live Dj spinning the tracks. A lovely cocktail bar and food to order. 

I chose Tuesday to go balls deep with a visit to Ballie Ballerson. As it's the first day they open after cleaning their million. Yes million balls! 
Ballie ballerson
However. Some of the balls were still filthy with gum stuck to the odd ball in the main ball pit room. 

As you walk through the neon arches at Ballie ballerson. The main ball pit room is on your right. 

Filled with translucent white balls and disco effect walls lined with mirrors. Even the ceiling is completely mirrored. Music from the in house dj plays throughout every room in the bar. 

In this main ball pit it was hard to get clear photos. As there's little natural light from outside coming in. 

The multi coloured glow of the translucent white balls was impressive and we had a fun date night. 

Part of the reason I chose to arrive shortly after opening time at 6pm. Is because I wanted to make use of any natural light when taking pictures and videos.

And thankfully. In September it's still light outside at 6pm. 

This second. Smaller ball pit is not only filled with multicoloured balls. Set to the backdrop of a candy love heart wall.  

It has large floor to ceiling windows. Letting in that oh so important natural light. 

As a bonus. Tuesday at Ballie Ballerson is also two for one on all cocktails and food. Although you can't mix and match. 

So just know that you will be getting the same cocktail and pizza order twice. 

The cocktail menu is really playful. With 10 signature cocktails. Featuring the likes of 'dibbie dabbersons' Consisting of strawberry Gin. Cranberry and a Dip Dab Lollipop. 

The 'Skittle sour'. With pink gin. Limoncello and a mini bag of skittles clipped on the side. 

As well as their signature tipples. There are eight classics with a twist to choose from. Plus delicious looking and yummy sounding shots. 

I like the sound of all the cocktails on the menu. Something that doesn't happen often. And it seems that all cocktails at Ballie Ballerson are a visual treat too. 

I'll definitely go back to Ballie ballerson for a night out in London and try out some more of their boozy drinks. 

I enjoyed a 'no Lychee no lighty' cocktail. Which was a bit strong thanks to the inclusion of Lychee vodka. With a pretty purple edible flower floating on top for added decoration. 

I love the taste of Lychee, so I was a little disappointed by the lack of Lychee coming through. Still. It was a nice drink at least. 

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I much preferred my Husbands cocktail of choice. The elderflower garden. A mix of gin. Elderflower and mint. 

It tasted like good quality lemonade in my opinion. Which just so happens to be one of my all time favourite drinks. 

The elderflower garden cocktail had the perfect amount of sweet. Sour and bitter. 
Ball pit cocktail bar
No Lychee no lighty cocktails 

Now let's talk pizza. I had no real expectations for the quality of the pizza at Ballie ballerson, but can happily report that this place is a hidden gem for some of the best pizza in the city! 

We ordered the 'truffle like it's hot'. Which was thankfully worth the wait. I was tipsy on my delicious 2 for 1 cocktails by the time our pizzas arrived! 

Arriving hot and fresh. With the perfect neapolitan pizza dough base. 

Some of the best quality cheese I've had in a long while. Thanks to generous helpings of mozzarella. Emmental. Scamorza and parmesan cheese. 

As the name suggests. There were loads of truffle shavings. Plus a tasty tomato and honey base that really works. 

It added a slightly unique taste. To upgrade the basic margherita into something much more impressive.

As the night progressed. The dance floor filled with a youthful crowd. Music grew louder and some jets of steam sprayed from the ceiling. In true rave style. 

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Ballie Ballerson is open Tuesday to Sunday. With earlier open times over the weekend for brunch. 

After one last cocktail, I was really in the party zone. With my third and final cocktail. The Hubba bubba. 

Something sugary sweet and oddly garnished by a pink fluffy scrunchie. Available in single or sharing glasses. 

I had mistaken it for a ring of candyfloss from a distance. A little disappointing to find out it wasn't edible candyfloss but again. The cocktail was yummy so I wasn't too bothered. 

We felt like teenagers again for the first time in a long time. After three sweet and strong drinks, but we had to cut our night out short. To get back in time for the babysitter. 

We continued the party at home with our kids. Dancing to some jungle and ending with a game of "tag. You're it!" before deciding that we should probably be responsible parents and send the kids to bed! 

VIP Ballers

I really enjoyed my first visit to Ballie ballerson so I headed back. This time for a vip booking on Friday night. 
Ballie Ballerson vip

Our VIP booking included a welcome glass of prosecco and half a pizza for four guests. 

A Vip booth can be booked for a minimum of four. 

The Vip area is quite large. With comfy black sofas and low tables that feature balls and neon lighting inside. 

From the gin and tonic section of the menu. I ordered a Parma violet gin and tonic. With a retro packet of purple sweets on the side.

The pizzas were just as good as I remembered. We're talking 'added to my list of best pizza places in London' good! With options for vegetarians and meat eaters. 

Service from the vip hostesses was excellent.
After our 2 hour vip slot we joined the main party on the dance floor. Where recurring bursts of white smoke would hit the crowd. 

My final drink for the night was an appealing looking shot of toffee vodka. Served in a shot glass with a whipped cream topping. 

At 9pm the dance floor tables were cleared away and a champagne nebuchadnezzar was brought out.

A huge 20 litre bottle of fizz. Or 26 champagne bottles in one giant bottle! 

I was looking forward to the champagne parade, but it was very uneventful in my opinion. 

I had expected to receive a free glass, but it was clear that only people right in front of the overcrowded bar would get one. 

There was also free henna being done on the Friday that we attended. 

Ballie Ballerson opening times

For the most up to date information regarding opening hours. Ticket prices and special offers visit their official website :

To secure your visit to Ballie ballerson. You will need to order tickets in advance. 

A general admission ticket like the ones we booked includes two hours Ball pit access and unlimited time at the bar and dance floor. 

General seats are on the lower level only and not reserved or guaranteed. 

If you want guaranteed seats. Choose vip tickets. Which are so reasonably priced. 

A price that includes a welcome glass of prosecco. Table service and reserved seating in a comfy booth. You can add on a cake upon arrival and celebrate with sparklers for a special occasion too.

The top tier vip package includes Prosecco and cocktails. 

What started as a pop up in November 2016 is now a permanent establishment. My visit In September 2021 confirmed Ballie ballerson is people's champ. Among the London bar and club scene.

Whenever you decide to head to Ballie ballerson. Make sure you wear something you'll be comfortable in the ball pits in. Or just bring some spare shoes. So you can enjoy the ball pits in comfort and the dance floor in style.

Important Disclaimer
This is a review of Ballie Ballerson. Ballie Ballerson is a ball pit cocktail bar for over 18's in Shoreditch. East London. 

Neapolitan pizzas and cocktails are on the menu at Ballie Ballerson. The menu at Ballie Ballerson in Shoreditch during the time of visit and at the time of this post includes meat, and vegetarian options. All information was correct at the time of listing. 

The photos in this blog post which were taken at Ballie Ballerson London. Along with any text and personal opinions about Ballie Ballerson are copywritten by Danielle Miller. Owner and author of 

The photographs and text on this blog must not be copied. Distributed. Sold or printed without prior written consent of the blog owner. Contact the site owner for more details.

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