Best types of coffee in London

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Best types of Coffee in London

The fact is. Coffee has become a religion. With a holy trinity of coffee beans. Thanks to three main types of bean. With many more sub-varieties of coffee growing in 70 countries and counting. 

Types of coffee
Said make one of the best types of coffee in London

There are more than 30 ways to prepare and enjoy a cup of coffee and counting. With its strong. Distinct taste. Many people can't start their day until they've had a cup. 

It's the mid day saviour of some. Providing mental clarity and an energy boost. You may even enjoy it as an after dinner drink - if you're not caffeine sensitive that is! 

There are so many brewing techniques. And lots of different coffee making equipment on the market. That coffee making courses are now available. Because not just anyone can call themselves a barista (professional coffee maker to you and me). 

Coffee is served hot or cold. Over desserts and as a flavour to many dishes. A cup of the strong stuff. Or decaf if you please. Is the beating heart of London. With an impressive number of coffee types. Brands and retailers available on almost every street. 

I've scanned the streets of London to find some of the best types of coffee. Read on for my list of where to enjoy an assortment of the best types of coffee in London.

Coffee Addict

If you're tired of high Street coffee chains. Try a tiramisu coffee from Coffee Addict. A pretty in pink cafe in London Victoria. It's the perfect type of coffee for those that love to drink tasty mochas. Also spelled moka or known as a mochacino. 

A mocha is what happens when you add Cocoa powder to your hot. Milky coffee. Not everywhere makes a mocha right though. 

A good moka contains the perfect ratio of coffee to cocoa. Not forgetting the all important frothy top, dusted with cocoa powder. 

Said dal 1923 

Speaking of cocoa. There's a well made cup of coffee.. Perfect for chocolate lovers! The triple chocolate cup at Said Dal 1923. Made with their very own blend of coffee. It's such a genius invention. You gotta sit down to drink this one. 

This feels more like you're enjoying a cheeky dessert. As thick. Molten dark. Milk and white chocolate smother all sides of your cup. Like abstract art. 

As you get to the end of this luxurious coffee. You'll be able to scoop up some sweet chocolate from not only the outer cup and saucer. But also inside. Yes it's acceptable, and encouraged! Think of all that chocolate as an upgraded alternative to your usual coffee sweetener! 

Farm Girl Cafe 

Yearning for a properly done latte? I think you'll love the rose latte at farm girl cafe. It's the perfect blend. With a welcome and noticeable. Yet not overpowering taste of rose. It works so well and looks so pretty. With dried rose petals topping things off.


Fancy a delicious iced coffee. Emphasis on delicious! I've learned the hard way that iced coffee can either taste divine. Or disastrous! 

You know it's good when you don't need any sweetener, and you're considering drinking it every day of summer! 

Iced coffee has had an impressive upgrade. Thanks to super stylish coffee bar Busi. The fresh. Single origin crops used at Busi are roasted by Obadiah Scotland. I love their fragrant. Lavender ice coffee and the rose one too. 

You can even add shots of cbd to your coffee's at Busi. As if they weren't perfect enough already! 

More on coffee types and facts

Arabica is the most popular type of bean and also the most delicate. Whilst robusta provides a stronger. More bitter tasting caffeine hit.

Liberica and excelsia are two lesser known coffee bean types. Peaking in popularity in the 1890s. When coffee rust destroyed 90 percent of the world’s arabica crops.

Liberica is a rarer find than its cousin excelsia. Which grows on lofty 20 - 30 foot trees. Compared to Arabica bean trees which peak in height at 6 feet.

Liberica and excelsia have very desirable flavours. That are usually added to other more popular types of coffee. Rather than the main ingredient. 

* Fun fact : Did you know that London is the European city with the most cafes? It's no wonder so many types of coffee are not hard to come by. 

Types of coffee drink

The types of coffee drinks vary from how the coffee is brewed. The type of coffee maker used. Ingredients, or the serving method. Plus, coffee beans in different ratios and different strengths. 

There's currently an impressive amount of drinking options available. With more than 30 coffee drink types and counting. 

Dalgona whipped coffee is the newest addition to the list. Going viral online in 2021 and I've gotta say it looks pretty cool. 

So, what's your favourite types of coffee? 

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