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What's so special about a colored street?

Nothing beats a stroll along a colored street to brighten up my day. I especially love stumbling upon pops of colour by surprise. Strolling along a basic street. Everything is kinda boring and dull. When suddenly. The street comes alive. Colored with the most vivid hues!

Being immersed in colour just makes me wanna hop. Skip and jump down a colored street. Something as simple as a colored street has the power to re-energize me. Making me feel like a child again.

I can see a muted. Neutral toned street anytime. But colour isn't as common on most streets around the world. Where I'm from. In my hometown London. The sun seldom shine and most houses are grey like the sky above. Unless. You're fortunate enough to live on a colored street. If not, you can always take a trip to one of the following colored streets of London.


Camden is a vibrant part of North London thanks to the diverse. Outgoing folk that dwell there. It's been made even more vibrant by the short, but sweet. Colored street directly opposite Camden town train station. As well as other pockets of Camden that are littered with an eye-catching colored street.

Notting hill

If you know Notting hill. You'll know that it's infamous for its multitude of interesting. Colored streets. As well as the annual Notting Hill Carnival. You'll find many budding stars. Creative individuals and tourists snapping away on a colored Notting hill Street. In terms of colour. You'll be spoilt for choice. From bold blues to pastel pinks. Neon yellows. Bright greens and deep shades of purple.

A similar coloured street can be found dotted around pockets of London's Chelsea and Kentish town.


Shoreditch isn't my personal choice for a colored street. However I couldn't leave Shoreditch off the list. As it's a popular place for colourful street graffiti and colored wall art.

Mersea Island

Not a colored street, but still well worth a mention is Mersea Island in Essex. Which is almost London. Cute. Pastel colored beach huts line the sandy beach of Mersea. They remind me of candy. Multicolored sherbets. Retro love hearts and lemon bon bons!

Alicante's colored street

Alicante in Spain also known as Benidorm has a fun wall filled head to toe with colored stripes. If you're considering a trip to Spain. Don't miss this stripey colored street in Alicante.


The island of Mykonos in Greece, is famous for it's stunning. Bright white colored streets and matching houses. The streets of old town Mykonos are beautifully unique. Although mostly pure white. The old town has contrasting pops of colour. Like brilliant blue and reds.

Read about my time in Mykonoshttps://www.gonesunwhere.com/search?q=mykonos


The hillside town of Palmitas is a wash with intense colored streets. Whilst the town looks impressive from a distance. It's even more interesting up close. As you can take in the colored artwork along every street.

Colored street Burano
A colored street in Burano


Burano is a marvellous. Tiny island off of romantic Venice. This Italian charmer is filled with a colored street on every turn. Plus a beautiful canal way. Similar to that of Venice. The natives are friendly and the island is a peaceful place to spend a night or two. However. When we went to Burano, we only stayed for a few hours. Wandering down vibrant, technicolor streets. It was part of a day tour from Venezia. Where once docked. My kids and us adults alike were merrily running up and down colored street after colored street! 


Cuba is an exciting city. With sun. Great music. Good food and the most impressive colored streets. Not only is every street filled with colour. The locals bedazzle in the most colourful clothing. It's an everyday norm for Cubans to dress up the way they do. Even the cars are the brightest shades of the rainbow! If you're looking for a colored street. Cuba will be hard to beat!


Balat in Turkey is Istanbul's Jewish quarter. With colored houses in intense shades down every street. 


There's an impressive place in North Africa's Morocco. A wonderful wash of the most intense shade of blue. To represent the sky. Sea and heavens. It's unlike anywhere I've ever seen before. Chefchaouen is more than a colored street. Chefchaouen in Morocco is a brilliant blue coloured town. I wish I had known about Chefchaouen when I holidayed in Marrakesh. 

A colored street is the perfect location for taking pictures. Amateur and professional. Holiday memories and insta-worthy snaps are made that much more impressive. With the backdrop of a colored street. Colour seems to intensify travel memories and evoke positive emotions.

So go find a charming colored street to walk down today!
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