Tips for the budget traveller

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Tips for the budget traveller

Who doesn't love bagging a budget deal as a traveller? I'm a budget traveller but I also love luxury. What's a girl to do!

Research. Research. Research!

That's where my beloved blog Gone Sun Where comes in. I've made it my job to find out how you can travel on a budget. So you don't have to.

Easy budget traveller tips

No more single use items

Instead of single use. Buy re-usable items wherever possible.

The long and short of it

Sometimes extending your holiday duration will save you so much money. At other times, having a flying visit (no pun intended) can drastically reduce the cost of anything from flights to accommodation.

Budget traveller. Travel off season

Probably the most well known budget traveller tip is to travel off-peak to get better deals. Prices are often heavily inflated during peak tourist times.

Visit cheaper countries and cities

Choose a cheaper. Less popular destination. You'll be surprised by how much you could save. Yet you'll probably still really enjoy yourself!

Cut expenses

Switching to cheaper food and beauty supplies for as little as six months can save you loads of money.

Reduce expenditure

Limit social and recreational activities to see further savings for travelling.

Pay for flights in installments

Sometimes flights are the most expensive part of travelling. Being able to pay in stages will really help unburden your finances.

Ditch the tour guide

Discover each location by yourself. With the help of maps and local online apps.

Go public

Make use of public transport. Instead of taxis.

Find cheaper flights

Use Skyscanner to book the cheapest flights.

Hard budget traveller tips

Psst! Traveller. You can cut even more expenses. If you can.. Cope with no internet? No phone upgrade. How about eating smaller. Eat less. Eat plain. Consider Intermittent fasting. Or one meal a day to save more cash!

Sell the car

I'm talking no car. No cabs. No unnecessary travel. .Walk. Scoot. Skateboard or cycle everywhere.

Share your apartment

Become an Airbnb host.

Put in the work

Work overtime. Get extra jobs. Work nights.


Sell stuff. Become a minimalist. If travel matters more than your clothing and possessions. Sell it!

Save on your shopping and bills

This is one of my favourite ways to save big on travel. I only wish I has started sooner! Get serious about cashback. Buy as much as you can online through a cashback system like my personal favourite Quidco. Get your first £10 free when you sign up via my link : click here

Sleep with strangers

Consider the likes of couch surfing. Where a budget traveller can find friendly locals willing to put up a sofa. Mattress or sometimes a proper bedroom. Free of charge in exchange for the companionship.

Work for free

Budget by working for free food and free accommodation via companies like Woofing. Workaway and helpx.

Be less choosy

Ignore the ratings and stay in less glamorous accommodation. I couldn't do this, but maybe you could?

Eat basic

Pack low budget food like ramen. Yum!

Pack light

Save on luggage fees by bringing hand luggage only. May be hard on long trips but can be done.

Get Insurance

While you are travelling, you want to ensure that you are as safe as possible. Having the right travel insurance matters and if you plan to hire a car, then you should ensure that you have personal insurance, too. If you end up getting an injury while you are on vacation, you need to be able to afford a personal injury lawyer to help you to make a claim. You cannot do that without the right insurance to back you up!

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