Ponytail High Outfit Of The Day

My favourite season is here.. Spring! The flowers blossoming all around me is making quarantine a little easier to bear. This outfit that I wore on a hot spring day in London is stylish enough all by itself in my humble opinion. However the super high. White pony hair accessory that I added to this look really adds an impressive finishing touch. 
Ponytail High

I've always loved high ponytail looks since I was a little girl. They can provide drama. Attitude and give off a powerful vibe. Some high ponytail styles are elegant and super girly. The best thing about a high ponytail though. Is that they suit almost everyone and make you look younger. It's called the Croydon facelift. Because it's like a cheap. Non surgical face-lift. Thanks to the face slimming power of a high ponytail. Eyes and the sides of your face are slightly lifted with a high ponytail.
You can wear a high ponytail with. Or without bangs. A top knot. Or even super trendy braids on the side or in the back of your head.
 High ponytail
Popular musician Ariana Grande is certainly flying the flag with her trademark high ponytail looks. She has made the high ponytail hairstyle the in thing during recent times. You probably wouldn't believe me if I told you that I barely know any of her songs. Yes. I've sorta been living under a rock. It's a personal choice thing..but that's for another post.

I've dubbed my outfit the ponytail high. With my sky high. White ponytail hairband. It's a high ponytail on steroids. More like a skyscraper ponytail. The burg khalifa of ponytails! Definitely don't wear this super high ponytail look if you don't wish to command lots of attention.

My thick locs look best in a half up. Half down high ponytail. As pictured. There are no rules. So wear the high ponytail whichever way works for you.

The only drawbacks to donning a high ponytail is that they can be headache inducing and having your hair pulled tightly up too often will lead to breakage and a thinning hairline. So save that high ponytail look for a special occasion.

My top has a subtle but effective grey tie dye print and off shoulder frills. The addition of a chunky white belt at the waist dresses up my casual. Semi-loose fitting skirt. Personally. I think skirts that hug too tight making you waddle when you walk should all be banned!
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