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Statement pieces

Statement pieces are those wardrobe items that make an otherwise casual outfit look dressy. Statement pieces have the power to turn something boring into a point of conversation. Adoration and praise. Statement pieces are so powerful that you usually only need one. Sometimes two to add the extra special finishing touch to your ensemble. Statement pieces are life savers when you can't be bothered, but want to look bothered. Or when you just don't know what to wear.
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Wearing this statement piece hair accessory creates this high ponytail look

In this blog post I talk about the pieces that will make a statement. With links to items you can buy online.

Detailed jackets

Think bold patterns. Pops of colour. Embellishments or embroidery and you've got yourself an impressive statement piece.

Statement pieces with texture

It can be as simple as adding a piece of fur to an otherwise basic outfit.

Tops with dramatic sleeves

I have a passion for statement tops with dramatic. Unique and unconventional sleeves.

Statement pieces that shimmer

Because who doesn't love a bit of sparkle!

Supersized pieces

Large sleeves. Giant headbands and hair clips. Or a pair of oversized pants. Done right anything from an oversized pair of sunglasses to an item of clothing. Will really make a statement.


Often outfits are hit or miss. Depending on the accessories. Or lack of. It's amazing how magical accessories can be for turning up the heat on an outfit. Shoes. Headwear. Belts and bags can literally turn an outfit you thought you hated into your new favourite look. It's happened to me on numerous occasions!
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