Casual Chic and Casual Dressy

Casual chic also known as casual dressy is the art of being able to make informal. Relaxed attire look dressy and stylish. Casual dressy is probably my most go to trend. It's the safe zone. Where you're never too overdressed. Neither will you stand out for being under dressed or worse still.. Badly dressed!

I've had to learn what works in terms of dressing casual dressy. It didn't just happen overnight. What makes me appear chic, won't necessarily make another person look chic.

Casual chic takes more effort than any other style of outfit. In my personal opinion. How ironic it is. As casual chic is supposed to be.. casual. Also known as smart-casual or casual dressy. Why does casual chic take the most effort to perfect out of all wardrobe styles? I hear you ask. Well. It's because what often looks good on a hanger. A model or celeb. Doesn't always look great on me or you.

Body type. Complexion. Hair style. Even the way you carry yourself can play a defining part in making an outfit look hit or miss. Dressy. Formal and business attire is much easier to perfect. As most pieces are designed to look lovely on all body types. You can play it safe with these fashion styles and still be fabulous. Dressing up to the nines will almost always improve the way one looks. Without much effort. Just find a fancy dress or suit and put it on!

With casual chic ensembles. You normally need to piece items together. Like a puzzle. Find a way to wear what would otherwise be just casual. Not casual chic - Never confuse the two! Casual is your everyday look that would have been typical or plain. Basic or boring. Casual chic is that same outfit worn in a less than average. Slightly unexpected way. All without looking like you got dressed in the dark. Or like you're trying too hard.

I finally understood style and dressing well to be a credible art form. When I started to take my own casual dressy wardrobe seriously. I now have the upmost respect for stylists, and believe that a good stylist. With a keen eye. Deserves a good salary. As do us style bloggers *wink.

casual chic casual dressy

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