What does bohemian mean?

A bohemian is someone who lives a less than conventional life. Off-grid. Tiny home owners are one type of modern day bohemian. I myself can also be considered bohemian. As I choose not to wear certain clothes. No makeup or jewellery. For spiritual reasons. I don't celebrate popular holidays like Christmas. Not even mothers day or birthdays. I don't eat meat and so on.
Bohemian Style
Sporting some of my bohemian inspired outfits

What is Bohemian style? 

Think relaxed fit. Long. Floaty maxi skirts and bohemian dresses. Bell sleeves. Kaftans and wide leg palazzo trousers. Bohemian clothes are often made from ethically sourced fabrics. Like organic cotton and recycled plastics. Bohemian style reflects nature. Peace and sustainability. It's about the earth. Good vibes and effortless beauty.

This is not the bohemian rhapsody. This is bohemian fashion at its finest. Where neutral. Earthy tones like brown. Moss green and deep. Autumnal reds take center stage. Take a closer look into the bohemian world. Where you'll be stunned by pops of bright. Bold colours. Dazzled by modest amounts of gilded gold and glittering sequins.

Bohemian style
Wearing bohemian prints

Bohemian outfits often incorporate stunning prints and intricate knits. Hand woven crochet cardigans or bohemian tops. With much of the bohemian wardrobe suited to hot. Hazy. Summer weather. Other bohemian influences are very much winter worthy. Such as thick. Shaggy cardigans. Ponchos and fur lined coats.

Think singer Joss Stone. A Bohemian person often singing on stage without shoes on. In a Bohemian style dress with a natural head of loose waves.

The famous Coachella festival is a place filled with music fans often donning a Bohemian look.

I love bohemian fashion. With its beautiful blend of influences from India. In the form of sequins. Ethnic prints. Like leaf and paisley prints. Not to mention the Western and native American - bohemian connection. Portrayed through the use of suede. Tassels. Feathers and ponchos. And who can deny the hippy influences seen throughout bohemian trends. Those gorgeous, floral prints and flower headbands. I particularly love a large floppy hat. Which is another signature bohemian piece.

                                       SHOP BOHEMIAN PIECES BELOW

Nothing is better than a light. Floaty bohemian dress on a hot. Sweaty day. Amongst my wardrobe are a lightweight. Leopard print chiffon dress for summery days. The type of dress that can be worn casual or done up. Depending on your accessories.
I particularly love my unique black maxi skirt. Although black isn't much of a bohemian colour. The sheer lace with floral stitching look of the bottom of this skirt is very bohemian. Teamed with a floaty white blouse that has flared sleeves. Contrasting black stitching and tassels. It's a modern bohemian outfit. That I do on occasion take one step further by adding a large floppy hat.

My brown maxi skirt is the colour of golden brown autumn leaves. A perfect bohemian fit. I love to wear it with a white crochet top or loose fit bardot top for bohemian vibes.

Sometimes I'll switch out my brown maxi skirt for a statement piece that has a bohemian feel to it. My black. White and grey floral print maxi skirt. Featuring black lace inserts.

The final piece of my bohemian wardrobe is fit for a bohemian bride. A tierred maxi skirt that can be worn casual or fancy.

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