Faux furs Coats

Faux Furs Coats

Coats made with faux furs are my absolute favourite type of coats. The furs in question must be faux. As I'm a semi vegan. (Vegetarian that eats cheese and milk but no eggs)

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The industry for furs is a dirty one. I believe that animals are our friends and therefore should not be hunted down and skinned for their furs.

As well as keeping us warm. Coats with faux furs can often make one look glamorous. Faux furs can also make outfits and coats look that bit more interesting and a person look wealthy.

Faux fur

I love colourful faux furs. They really add some excitement to an outfit. Like my bold blue faux fur gilet. It's long and can be worn alone. Or layered over a light jacket.
faux fur gilet

My oversized denim jacket is casual. With a wow factor. The inner lining is faux fur and can be removed on warmer days. The bright white faux furs on the coats collar and neck can also be removed.
 Faux furs coats
Denim jacket with removable fur pieces

I also own a faux fur, cream coloured bomber style coat. Depending how it's worn. Can be casual or dressy.

My black faux leather coat has some black faux fur pieces in interesting places. Taking an otherwise basic coat to a while nother level!

Faux Furs Accessories

Faux furs in the form of scarves. Bags and headbands are not to be overlooked either. I own a gorgeous green faux fur scarf that can be worn solo. Or layered over lightweight coats. Transforming both my coats and my outfits into show stopping wardrobe pieces.
furry shawl
Green fur shawl

The same goes for my long. Brown faux fur scarf that's often a talking point when out and about.
faux furs scarf

I also possess two luxurious looking faux fur headbands that keep me warm in colder months.

There's so much variety on the market in terms of faux furs and coats. In both price and style. Take a look at some faux furs coats available to buy directly online.

faux furs coats

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