Lucky Cat Restaurant Review

I was really excited to visit and review Lucky Cat by Gordon Ramsay. It's a smart casual restaurant in Mayfair, where you can dress down but still enjoy 5 star food and 5 star service. You can also dress up somewhat without feeling out of place. Lucky cat is a lively restaurant with a live DJ, but no dance floor. Lucky cat is a low lit. Unpretentious Asian restaurant. With an extensive menu of meat and sea food options. Along with a whole vegan menu. Perfect for non meat eaters like myself. Who still want to eat somewhere fancy.
Lucky cat restaurant review
Pumpkin Tempura

Children are welcome at Lucky Cat. We saw a baby in a buggy and young children dining at 9pm. We were there on a Thursday evening and the restaurant ambience was just to our liking. It wasn't completely full. As I would expect it is on Fridays/Saturdays.

The Lucky Cat drinks menu really impressed me. With loads of wines. Spirits. Cocktails and non-alcoholic mocktails to choose from. Including many traditional Asian beverages such as Sake. I had my eye on the sparkling sake. And found it thoughtful of my waitress to offer me a complimentary tasting sample of sparkling sake. I can confirm that the sparkling sake is delicious. Which is why I ordered a full glass. It's a lightly sparkling rice wine. With a sweet refreshing taste to it.
Lucky cat pumpkin tempura

My second drink of choice from the lengthy drink menu at Lucky Cat was a Singapore sling cocktail. Which wasn't to my liking. I wouldn't order it again.

All of the food that we tried at Lucky Cat gets a positive review from me. The items are small plates designed for sharing. We happily devoured everything. The pumpkin tempura looks impressive and tastes divine. With a light crispy batter. Flavoursome toasted pumpkin seeds and a soy miso style dip.

The donburi was one which you mix and roll yourself. With fresh lettuce and flavoursome nori seaweed strips. The halloumi bao was the first dish to arrive at our table. Super soft steamed buns with halloumi covered in breadcrumbs. Topped with delicious spring onion and a creamy sauce. Our final dish at Lucky Cat restaurant in Mayfair was the fai lan and shiitake rice. Hot, fragrant sticky rice with two types of mushroom.

Service was great throughout and I'd come back to Lucky Cat. Even just to the bar to try some more of their drinks. As it stays open til 2am over the weekend.  Lucky Cat gets a positive review as food. Service and ambience were all top notch.

As a self confessed chocoholic. I wouldn't come to Lucky Cat restaurant for dessert. I ordered lucky chocolates from the dessert menu, which were literally two tiny chocolates. Not particularly delicious and quite weird to have on a dessert menu. If you're into fruity desserts then you'll probably enjoy the mango rice pudding with lychee sorbet. Which comes served with fresh mango pieces.

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lucky cat review

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