Amazing Hot Air Balloon Rides Around The World!

Hot air balloon rides are a wonderful experience. There are loads of hot air balloon flight destinations around the world. Knowing which are the best can be a challenge. That's why I made this article featuring some of the best hot air balloon rides ever!

Team your balloon flight with a breathtaking backdrop and you have some of the best hot air balloon rides in the world.

Read on for my pick of the best hot air balloon rides in the world.

Hot Air Balloon Rides Over Cappadocia

The otherworldly rock formations land Cappadocia on the list of best hot air balloon rides in the world. I was lucky enough to enjoy a bucket list hot air balloon flight in Cappadocia. Click here to read my full review and see all the pictures.


Hot Air Balloon Ride Over The Serengeti

Wow wow wow! Here you'll enjoy birds eye views of the largest animal migration in the world. This has to be one of the most amazing hot air balloon rides ever!

Hot Air Balloon Rides In Switzerland

Gorgeous snowy peaks and frosted trees make the Swiss alps one of the best places in the world to ride a hot air balloon.


Hot Air Balloon Ride In Albuquerque

Every year in Mexico loads of hot air balloons take to the sky for the Albuquerque hot air balloon festival. The hot air balloons on display get really creative with unconventional shapes.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Lavender Fields

The setting is Provence, France. Just imagine the gorgeous scent of lavender and the sea of purple beneath. As your balloon drifts on by.

Hot Air Balloon Ride At Dusk

Balluminaria is a hot air balloon festival that takes place each year in Cincinnati. (Weather permitting) The magnificent glow of colourful hot air balloons fills the night sky.

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