About Last Night - Timeless Bar & Kitchen Launch Party

Yesterday I attended the opening of a brand new bar called timeless. Timeless isn't your average London bar. As it features a really cool theme. Along with nightly immersive theatre experiences.

Timeless bar & kitchen

I luuurve the concept of it always being happy hour at timeless bar and kitchen. So fitting for a bar called timeless. Every hour. A cocktail stemming from a different era in time is on promotion for happy hour.

The cocktail menu at timeless bar and kitchen is long and detailed. With popular tipples from as far back in time as the roaring twenties. Progressing through to the swinging sixties. All the way up to this present day. The music at timeless bar and kitchen is in line with the theme of the bar. With a mixture of tunes from all time zones. Including the 70's. 80's. 90's and beyond!

The immersive theatre event is optional. But tickets need to be purchased in advance if you wish to experience it. I highly recommend checking it out. Taking place in some secret rooms in the bar. You'll travel through time, to the moment some of the most iconic cocktails in history were created. It's lighthearted fun and in further keeping with the theme of teaching us a little about the invention of some of the worlds most popular cocktails. With humour and clue finding involved. The 70 minute experience flies by and gets people chatting!

You come out of the immersive experience and are back at the bar. In my case it was pina colada time. To which the popular old skool song about pina colada's was playing.

If you're hungry there are also bar snacks or actual meals to be enjoyed. With options for both meat eaters and vegetarians. Plus yummy desserts.

Purchase your tickets for the immersive theatre event from the following link : www.designmynight.com/london/whats-on/activity/cocktail-time-machine

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