Expectation Versus Reality

Unfortunately not all experiences are fun and memorable for the right reasons. Sometimes we get carried away by the sight of amazing images on Instagram and flock to these locations to order the food or enjoy the views that were beautifully presented to us online. Only to be met with a less than impressive mouthful or mundane backdrop that took forever to locate.

I try to post only my positive experiences because we all need a little more positivity in our lives. But just to keep it real with you I thought I'd share a less than amazing experience so that you realise my life isn't perfect. Things don't always go to plan.

Chin Chin Labs is a nitrogen ice cream bar situated in Camden's busy market place.

Chin Chin Laboratory Ice Cream

I tried Chin chin labs burnt butter ice cream with chocolate sauce for the extortionate price of almost £5!

I had expected a bit of a performance. However the reality is that if you look to the back of the Camden shop, you'll be able to spot some mist from the liquid nitrogen used to freeze the ice cream. It's nothing special to look at really.

Maybe it would look better up close. With a bit of narration and interaction with the customers, but this wasn't the case.
The price of one ball of ice cream is just too high in my opinion. Don't get me wrong. Chin chin labs have some unique flavours and the burnt butter ice cream was pretty good. But sadly not so good that I feel compelled to go back to Chin chin laboratories for another scoop!

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