Gourmet Ice Cream For Lunch

My Soft Serve Society Experience

Ice cream for lunch? Why not! New to Shoreditch - Soft Serve Society whip up some delicious ice creams with unique toppings.

Soft serve society ice cream
Not only does
the ice cream at soft serve society taste yummy. It also looks like a work of art.
Soft serve society is bright and welcoming with a nice little seating area.

We tried the sea salt chocolate soft serve society ice cream, with a toffee popcorn topping. It was absolutely delicious. Something I'd definitely go back for. The toffee popcorn works well with the sea salt chocolate flavour.

We also enjoyed a half and half ice cream tub with crushed Oreo topping at soft serve society. Vanilla soft serve ice cream and half green tea matcha ice cream topped with crumbled Oreo biscuits. To top it off. I added a giant marshmallow s'more which was so good.

Soft serve society has definitely secured a spot as one of my favourite ice cream joints in London. Can't wait to try a Soft serve society freakshake (epic milkshake) next!

What's Amazing?

The sheer quality of the ice cream at soft serve society. The unique flavour and topping combinations. The photo worthy presentation. The fact that they also do freakshakes!


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