Impressive Chef Skills At Benihana

My Benihana London Experience

Benihana is a Japanese restaurant with branches in hot spots around the world. Including three London locations. Where you enjoy food cooked live in front of each table by skilled chefs.
Benihana Review
We went for the

new lunchtime special of wagyu beef - the worlds most premium beef from Japan.

To drink we had a lychee sake cocktail and strawberry colada sake cocktail. They were both refreshing and delicious.

At Benihana London, there were lots of mini dishes for us to enjoy before our main was brought out to us. All staff members at Benihana provided excellent service throughout our stay.

Our first starter was a flavoursome miso soup. Shortly after our soup we enjoyed some wagyu croquets and chicken wing with shiitake mushrooms.

Our salad was tasty and seasoned with a 52 year old recipe.

Our tables personal chef was excellent. With not only amazing cooking skills and entertaining tricks thrown into the performance, but also a naturally warm, witty personality. He engaged with the whole table and had us all chuckling. He even offered J and I some of the tasty food he was cooking for the other guests.

Our main course at Benihana London was delicious. Sticky rice with tender wagyu beef.

Even though I was pretty full already, I ordered the ice cream tempura from Benihana in Picadilly London. This yummy dessert is huge. 4 tempura parcels of creamy vanilla ice cream in a soft batter and drizzled in syrup.

I wanted to come to Benihana in London for the performance. I didn't know I'd fall in love with the food! Each dish was cooked to perfection and beautifully flavoured. This is a great place to go for an impressive date or special occasion. Benihana even caters for kids birthdays.

What Was Amazing?

Pretty much everything!
The service received from staff. The delicious food and the live chef performance.

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