Vegan brand Heura launch Chick'n Fillet products at Athenian

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Heura Chick'n fillets collaboration with Athenian 

I recently visited Greek restaurant, The Athenian. In celebration of their vegan brand Heura collaboration and new 100% vegan Chick'n Fillet products at their Shoreditch branch.

Guests enjoyed a range of delicious Greek inspired vegan bites. Deliciously rich in flavour, the 100% vegan Chick'n Fillet is available in a wrap, box, bowl, side and skepasti. 

Whether it's a main dish or lighter bite, this plant based product is a delicious healthy fat source and high Vitamin B12 intake.

There are three different vegan meat options for those dining at athenian. As well as chicken and pork for non vegan diners. This was my second visit to the athenian and everything was as delicious as I remembered it to be.

On my last visit I enjoyed a wrap with a side of chips. This time around I had a salad bowl with two vegan meat options plus a side of Halloumi chips. 

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