The alcohol free alternative to champagne

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The alcohol free alternative to champagne 

As a food and luxury lifestyle blogger. I often talk about alcohol but also healthcare. I'm all for the idea of taking a break from alcohol. Especially after the party season of December and the new year. 

Sparkling tea

Regular breaks from alcohol are a crucial step in an effort to detox the body. Something we can all benefit from doing every so often. 

The real drinks company have your non alcoholic drink needs covered. With their range of some of the best sparkling tea on the market. Perfect for hosting guests. Special occasions or just a guilt free - hangover free. Sophisticated drink for adults, that allows us to still drive and operate machinery!

The real drinks company found that tea leaves offer incredible complexity and have flavour profiles akin to the different grapes that wine makers use to make their wine.

After almost 2 years of playing around with fermentation and more than 100 tea leaf varieties later. The team created a liquid with the depth of flavour previously missing from sparkling non-alcoholic drinks.

Royal flush is a sparkling tea made using darjeeling tea. It's fresh and floral with delicate notes of stone fruits and a touch of juicy blackcurrant. Royal Flush is the perfect partner to rich roasted meats, creamy sauces and small plates.

Dry Dragon is the real drinks company alternative to a dry white Sparkling Wine. Light and crisp on the nose with notes of honeydew melon. Dry and fresh on the palate with flavours of sweet lemons, grapefruit, and a gentle, nutty finish.

Made using green tea, Dry dragon pairs well with summer salads. Seafood and Asian dishes. 

Chaynyy Kvas is a sweet and smokey Sparkling Tea, made using a robust Yunnan Black tea. It pairs well with barbequed meats, hard cheeses and honey based desserts. Impressively, 100% of the profits raised on every bottle of Chaynyy Kvas are donated to The Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

Founded in 2017 the real drinks companies naturally fermented sparkling wine selection is available to enjoy in stylishly designed cans or by the bottle. They're the perfect alternative to champagne and sparkling wine.

Sparkling wine differs from kombucha because it's fermented in a non alcoholic fermentation process. Produced with a complexity of flavours one would find in some of the best wines and Champagnes.

Those that are conscious of their calorie intake will be happy to know that there are just 15 calories in a 100ml glass of REAL compared to approximately 100 calories in a glass of white wine.

The real drinks company sparkling tea is currently available to buy direct with free shipping if you spend over £45 or you can choose to buy through a number of UK supermarkets.

The production of sparkling tea can be appreciated as each year the teas are expertly tasted before being used to create the high quality sparkling teas at the real drinks company. With different teas needing to be harvested at different times. Delicious sparkling tea is an art. 

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