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London's New Gourmet Donut Cafe

Donutelier by Roladin is London's first gourmet donut cafe, with a large variety of unique donuts available. As well as classic cafe pastries to eat in or take away. Opening hours are currently lengthy, which is good for cravings in a city that never sleeps. 

New Donuts London

I should probably keep my favourite Donutelier donut to myself. So it's not sold out the next time I visit. However, I'm a good girl at heart so I will share what happens to be one of the best donuts I've ever tasted.

Strong words because if you're a regular reader of you'll know that I don't play when it comes to donuts!


The St Honore donut at Donutelier is a dream of a donut. Everything works. The textures and flavours are perfection. Donuts here aren't the sickly sweet ones marketed to kids. They're luxurious donuts and I'm all about luxury. I'm so glad Donutelier isn't just another over-hyped food outlet going viral online.

Donutelier by Roladin

The rocher giandua donut is a close second for me. So flavoursome. Dare I say even more Ferrero Rocher in taste than an actual Ferrero Rocher! Donutelier donuts all feature super soft, bouncy dough and perfectly whipped cream fillings.

New cafe London

With a bright seating area. All the hot drinks you would expect from a cafe along with other popular pastries. Including strawberries and cream filled croissants. 

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