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A staycation is officially the only way to vacation in 2020 and beyond. Thanks to the global corona virus pandemic.
Day trip to Botany Bay beach
A staycation can be anything from staying home to travelling a few hours out by land or sea. Travelling via car. Train or ferry can still count as a staycation.

To qualify as a staycation. Your journey must not include plane trips abroad. Or the need for your passport.

The world just outside your back garden is vast. You've probably missed some local beauty spots in your very own neighborhood. Let alone the hidden discoveries a few more hours away.

For me here in London. The whole United Kingdom with all its varying terrain. Weather and dialects is staycation territory.

Americans have even more staycation territories. With diverse landscapes and climates. As does Australia. New Zealand and Africa.

Some of my staycation bucket list places across the UK are :

Isle of Scilly. Which is one of the warmest parts of England. With picturesque beaches. As very few people inhabit the isles of Scilly. Technically speaking it's quicker and easier to get to Scilly from London by plane. However it can be done by train. Bus and ferry.

Salcombe harbor. Has a hotel with beautiful views of the harbour. With a number of ways to get there from London. Including by train or car.

Scarlet hotel in Cornwall. With it's amazing cliff top hot tub! This adults only hotel can be reached by train or bus.

The Lake District. Which can be reached in a number of ways on land. Is one of the most impressive natural wonders of England.

Isle of Skye. Located in Scotland has beaches and amazing landscapes.

I've been fortunate enough to have enjoyed a number of staycation trips in the past. Including my first ever overnight stay without the kids. I went to Grange Over sands and you can read more about it here :

I've also enjoyed glamping holidays. Which is basically a more glamorous version of a camping holiday. With cosy. Fancy tents or camper vans. Food and shower facilities. Sometimes hot tubs. Like the eco friendly. Log powered hot tub that I enjoyed during a private woodlands camping trip.

Why not consider checking into a self catering apartment with interesting decor. Or impressive views. Instead of flying overseas for your next vacation. Even a overnight stay in a local hotel with spa could do wonders.

A home staycation can be made fun with some delicious food. New decor. A hot tub or sauna installed in your garden. Sunbathing on a hammock. Turning off the phone and just taking time out to really relax.

Staycation savings

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