Don't forget your in flight socks!

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As a travel blogger I know all too well what dreaded in flight discomfort feels like. Especially as a tall person with zero leg room!

When it comes to flying abroad. It's so important to remember to take precautionary measures to prevent any blood clots due to reduced circulation in the legs. Especially on long haul flights.

It's even more important for pregnant fliers and diabetics. In the past. I've flown whilst pregnant. Thankfully only for short distance journeys. Find out more and shop for quality Compression Socks For Flying

Wearing a pair of good quality compression socks when flying can really reduce leg aches. Cramps and swelling of the legs. Feet and ankles.

As the global lockdown eases. Many people are considering their next flight abroad. Wherever you're headed to next. Stay safe and happy travels.

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