What A Difference A Pet Makes

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Never have we appreciated our loved ones and furry friends more than in this current global crisis. Being in lock down with a pet can bring peace and joy for those that are fortunate pet owners. Our pets are also happy to have so much more time and attention from their usually busy owners. The simple life of a pet. Completely unaware of any lock down or pandemic!
animal photography
Our evening walk in Mykonos was accompanied by some playful cats

Many of us without pets are even considering getting one and I highly recommend it. Pets are scientifically proven to reduce stress. Owning a pet or two is the closest you'll get to a wildlife holiday retreat in this current climate!

Our beloved hamster lived for much longer than the average life expectancy of hamsters. So we're comforted by the fact that he had a really good life with us. Will you believe me if I tell you he took his last breath in my husbands arms! We buried him in back garden almost a year ago. The time has really flown.

If you and your furry friend are getting bored of staring at the same four walls. Why not add some new. Cool wall art? Wouldn't it be nice to create a custom animal portrait for your home. Or even as a gift to a loved one. I recommend Vector Pets for all your Custom Animal Illustration needs.

Quarantine has given me a lot of time to watch movies and TV shows. Some really cool wildlife films have been developed over the past few years. We recently enjoyed the new Lady and the Tramp film. In which man's best friend aka dogs take center stage. Some of my other animal favourites have been the new Jungle book and the lion king. I also love old movies with animal star roles like Hatari. A film from the 60's era.
Foods for turtles
Feeding a turtle figs on holiday in Turkey

Quarantine has also given me lots of time to think. Reflecting on past travel moments. Including my childhood pets. Growing up I've had fish. Which are some of the easiest pets to own. We even had a pet crab, but he sadly didn't last long. We also had a ginger cat that I grew up with.

Most of my favourite travel moments before Corona involved animals. From the camel rides in Marrakesh. The friendly turtle in Cappadocia. To alpaca trekking in nearby Kent.

There are some really cool ways you can travel on the cheap and enjoy the company of pets. How about house sitting someone else's pets. Or volunteering your time halfway across the world at an animal sanctuary. I've still got loads of animal encounters on my bucket list that I'll hopefully get to experience someday.

I miss travelling. Although. Surprisingly not as much as expected. I feel that I've adapted to a more peaceful. Slow paced life, and it's actually really good for me. Our pets must be loving the peace. Quiet and less pollution too. Clear open spaces and lots of family time. They can be highly perceptive creatures.

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