St Ermins Hotel Afternoon Tea Review

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St Ermin's Hotel Afternoon Tea
St Ermin's Hotel Tea Room - Vegetarian Afternoon Tea
Afternoon tea at St Ermins Hotel is held in their elegant, cozy tea room. Upon arrival at St Ermins Hotel we were greeted by warm. Friendly staff and shown the way to afternoon tea.

There is seating indoors or on the terrace. Along with intimate tables isolated in corners of the balcony upstairs at St Ermins Hotel.

Our host gave us options to sit indoors or outdoors. We chose to sit in the main tea room area. Where softly furnished. Brightly coloured chairs awaited us. The host pulled out our chairs and came back with the vegetarian afternoon tea menu.

At St Ermins Hotel, there is also an afternoon tea menu for meat eaters and even a fun children's afternoon tea.

We enjoyed our vegetarian afternoon tea with a delicious glass of champagne. You can also opt for unlimited rose wine at an additional cost.

The pretty white interiors, well placed mirrors and chandeliers make the tea room warm and inviting. With the service received from all staff members matching the surroundings.

Afternoon tea - St Ermins hotel review

There are three pages on the tea menu. One for black tea. Another for green teas and a page for herbal, fruit teas.

At St Ermins Hotel you can choose an unlimited number of teas to try during your two hour window.

My first tea of choice at St Ermins hotel was a smoked black tea called Lapsang. It had a strong smoky smell and a pleasant taste.

My second tea of choice was the oriental sencha. A green tea with mango and papaya. It's a light, refreshing tea.

Lastly, I tried the chai tea. A milky black tea, with notes of cardamom and cinnamon.

The vegetarian afternoon tea sandwiches consist of five different sandwich fillings. On a mix of soft brown and white bread.

I enjoyed the egg mayo with cress sandwich. A cucumber, mint and chive cream cheese sandwich. Tomato, goats cheese and basil. A zesty carrot, raisin and mint. With coriander and houmous. Plus a cheese, pickle and watercress sandwich.

The dessert platter had a running apricot theme. With an impressive looking apricot shaped dessert.

The apricot dessert was cleverly made out of a creamy white chocolate shell, with a thyme flavoured cream filling. Apricot mousse center and cinnamon sponge base. Real basil leaves top this dessert off.

There was also a tasty coconut, praline and passion fruit eclair. Apricot cream mousse, with white chocolate cup and a rhubarb and custard verrine.

St Ermins Hotel Afternoon Tea

My favourite sweet treat was the raspberry and rose dome, with vanilla sable. A slight sour tang accompanies the creamy filling and biscuit base.

The scones were delicious and warm. We each received one plain. One sultana. Served with clotted cream and a mixed berry jam.

I recommend booking afternoon tea at St Ermins Hotel tea room for a classy but relaxed afternoon tea, suitable for all ages and taste palates.
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