How Not To Lose Your Luggage

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As a travel blogger. I can relate to one of the most common travel fears of losing our beloved possessions. What if you could design a custom graphic to reduce the chances of that happening.
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What would be more special than designing your own custom travel tote. Or even just a key ring to attach to your luggage. Not only will you have a one of a kind design. You'll also help reduce the chances of losing your luggage. Or getting your stuff mixed up with someone else's stuff when travelling. Something as simple as a small. Personal embroidery design, can make your travel items easily identifiable. Plus it's fun. Relaxing and rewarding to design and create something yourself.

You might even find that you want to make more items to gift to your loved ones. If you're a travelling mum like me. You may even want to customise items for the kids. Over at Design Bundles there are some really cool and inspiring designs. For a range of items to get you're creative juices flowing.

I'm loving the uterus embroidery design over on the design bundles website. The first aid kit zipper bag and hand sanitizer holders.

With the current global crisis. Now is the perfect time to take up a new hobby. Or rekindle your love for embroidery.

At Design Bundles, you can browse over 150,000 Marketplace Products. Saving up to 96% off the regular retail price on their curated design bundles.

As well as the use of colourful threads. You could even include beads or sequins in your embroidery masterpiece. I love the 3d effects and different textures that can be created with the right fabrics and stitching techniques. You could even upgrade items you already own by adding unique embroidery designs.

There are some basic stitches to master when starting out on your embroidery journey. The cross stitch. Satin stitch. Back stitch and running stitch. These are just a few of the many stitching styles available. With a range of colourful threads including metallic threads. Neon and glitter. Embroidery can be done by hand or machine. Just as with sewing.

There are also a number of needles to consider. With the most common being crewel needles of size 6-8.

Cotton and linen fabrics are best for beginners. Whilst shiny and stretchy fabrics are best suited to more experienced embroiderers.

I'm considering coming up with an embroidery design for one of my sun hats. Maybe even a design which incorporates the name of my blog and a sun motif of course! It could be a design that I'd replicate onto my bags. A baseball cap and even a T-shirt.

What would be really cool is to create an embroidered version of one of my past travel memories! As a piece of wall art. Or maybe a custom cushion cover. The list of options is endless.

Whatever you choose to design. The most important factor is to have fun with it!

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