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About Duck And Waffle

Duck and waffle is the highest 'open all hours' restaurant in London. Located above Sushi Samba at the Heron Tower. 110 Bishopsgate in East Central - the home of London's "City slickers". Duck and waffle serve European influenced British cuisine from a choice of four menus.

Duck and waffle food review

Duck and waffle is
a child friendly establishment. By this I mean kids are welcome at Duck and waffle's restaurant - not bar area. At reasonable hours of course! There isn't a kids menu though.

Also, there are vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options available at duck and waffle.

A visit to duck and waffle is best booked ahead of time online, where you choose from a breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner or late night menu.

You can make reservations up to two months in advance, and private dining in a 18 seat capacity room is also an option at duck and waffle.

Special events open to the public are sometimes held at duck and waffle, so it's worth joining the mailing list.

My honest review of duck and waffle

Arriving at duck and waffle after a sudden, angry new years day downpour, we took the glass lift to the top floor. I enjoyed the impressive view over the city, as the lift whooshed up to the top of the building.

You'll arrive at the quirky open bar area on entry. There was no initial greeting or staff visible for us to ask how it worked, but we quickly figured out that a receptionist was situated a bit further in. At the bar you can order some drinks and soak up views across London city, while you wait for your table, or after eating.

Duck and waffle's restaurant is a bit smaller in size than I had expected. A nice, non-overwhelming size. We were blessed with some of the best seats in the house. Sat by floor to ceiling windows with a close up of the gherkin and tower bridge in sight. If you're sat near the gherkin, be prepared for the possibility of guests coming up right beside your table to take photos and marvel out of the window.

I personally think that duck and waffle only feels like a super special venue when sat right by the windows. Most window tables are tables for 2. Even though it was a rainy new years day. The views out of the windows were still superb.

We were booked in for brunch at duck and waffle, arriving some time after 2pm.

The brunch menu is not overtly appetizing in both mine and J's opinion. I had intended to order the spiced ox cheek doughnut, but was warned by our waiter that the spiced ox cheek doughnut is more of a snack than an actual meal.

Hubby and I both ordered the infamous duck and waffle. I wish I could give it a rave review but honestly it wasn't mind blowing.

The duck and waffle comes served with a fried duck egg and mustard maple syrup. The mustard seeds are visible but tasteless. The duck itself didn't appear to be seasoned. It relies on the natural flavours of the duck. The waffles were just ok. A bit hard, and I like em fluffy. Definitely not the best waffles I've ever had.

The portion sizes at duck and waffle aren't huge. Reasonably sized for someone who's not feeling overly hungry. Or those ordering dessert as well.

The restaurants drinks menu was pretty basic, so I played it safe with a glass of champagne.

Service from all staff members was excellent throughout. I'd definitely like to go back to duck and waffle to enjoy window views in the summer and review some food from their other menus.

Although duck and waffle's website claims a strict dresscode of no jeans or sportswear. A quick scan around the room and I could see touristy types in super casual attire. I was a little suprised, especially as it was new years day. I did feel slightly too dressed up.

I understand that venues need to fill seats, so turning people away because of how they're dressed wouldn't go down too well. It's a tricky situation. However I encourage you to dress up at least a little. Especially if you're going to duck and waffle in the evening or plan on taking pictures.

The bar prices at duck and waffle are incredibly extortionate. One shot of baileys on the rocks cost us £10 I kid you not!

There's not much choice on the drinks menus as far as cocktails go. Wine, spirit and champagne connoisseurs will be impressed however.

Duck and waffle food photo

What Was Amazing?

At Duck and waffle you'll enjoy sweeping views across the city.

The glass lift is an attraction in itself. We were whisked back down to the ground in what felt like a theme park ride.

All in all I give Duck and waffle a positive review and recommended this venue for a romantic date.


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