Two Babymoons Equals Twice The Sun!

After four months of hyperemesis (sickness during pregnancy) my husband and I needed a holiday badly!
Cala Ratjada Majorca Beach

First we headed to Mallorca, Spain for a low cost, adults only break in the sun. The highlight of the trip to Majorca was visiting a small beach called Cala Gat.
The unspoilt scenery at Cala Gat was beautiful. Along with the scent of fragrant plants and trees. Cala gat offered all the beach therapy we needed. Even though the beach was packed. It was a really quiet, peaceful crowd.

Our second babymoon adventure was with our oldest son in tow. I was about 7 months pregnant. We experienced the heatwave in Nice, France and enjoyed some of the best ice creams around, plus dinner at a tasty Indian restaurant.
We stayed in old Nice, with its colourful houses and narrow, peaceful roads. The large water feature across from where we were staying was great fun for adults and kids til late at night.
Nice France Beach

The beach was within walking distance and for a pebble beach it was really nice.

Both flights were nice and short. Around two hours each way, which is what you want when you're pregnant. I was pretty comfortable and made sure to massage my legs and get up from my seat a few times during each flight. It's even more important to avoid any blood clots when you're expecting.

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