Live blues brunch at Boisdale

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A Live Blues Brunch at Boisdale 

My first visit to Boisdale was for a Sunday lunch at the Canary Wharf branch. We were seated by the windows to enjoy a three course brunch. Our table was the perfect location in the whole restaurant, in my opinion. 

Brunch Boisdale

The live jazz and blues performances were excellent and I throughly enjoyed my afternoon. What's really impressive about a lunchtime booking at Boisdale is that your table is yours for four whole hours! Giving you plenty of time to enjoy the full performances and eat and drink at a leisurely pace.

There are so many different live performances taking place from month to month. It's well worth a visit to Boisdale come day or night. 


  1. Food and good music, the best combo! Thanks for sharing this!


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