Spring time is tea time

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Spring Tea

Celebrate spring with a warming cup of floral tea.

With the coldest spring I've experienced here in London for some years. A hot drink is even more of a requirement for me than it usually is in spring.

Whether it's a warming cuppa in my garden on a frosty spring morning. Or a flask of hot tea on a trip to one of London's blooming parks in spring.

Spring is my favourite season of all. Because after painfully long northern hemisphere winters. The welcome sunshine and bright bursts of colour. From flowers bring some much needed relief. Plus. I've got this extra energy and excitement about the fact that summer is on the way!

The cold winter chill has dragged on even longer than normal this 2021. As if we haven't all got enough to deal with. 

As a cosy. Warming treat I've been taking tea time seriously. By enjoying pretty cups of floral tea this spring. I wanted to do a show and tell to get other tea lovers excited for spring. 

Butterfly pea flower blue tea

I wasn't very impressed by my first cup of butterfly pea flower. However, I gave the blue chai another try. This time with more honey and really liked it. This butterfly pea flower chai has a distinct aroma. Butterfly pea certainly looks impressive. With it's striking. Deep blue appearance. It's a versatile tea that could be used as a natural food colouring to make other drinks and desserts turn blue. 

The company claims to be the supplier of the world's most colourful tea. The blue appearance is completely natural. Thanks to a blue flower called butterfly pea. 

It's nice to know that not only does butterfly pea chai look impressive and taste rather good. The butterfly pea flower is rich in antioxidants. Anthocyanins and flavonoids that help fight against harmful toxins.

Butterfly Blue pea flower

Butterfly pea flower blue tea is a caffeine free. Chai masala flavour. Infused with cinnamon. Star anise. Ginger and cardamom. The individual tea bags are packed in cute little blue pyramids. 

Blue tea India also sell a purple spiced lemon tea. Which I'm tempted to try. 

Flowering tea

This tea has the potential to be the most impressive looking tea out of the bunch. Each pre packed tea flavour starts as a ball and slowly opens up like a flower. Revealing a unique colour and shape. 

Blossoming tea

I found that it doesn't work so well in a small tea cup. A clear tea pot is best. However I couldn't be bothered to go to all the trouble of buying one. 

Tea bloom makes the best gift. Each blossoming tea flavour is different and nicely packaged. The teas are all a green tea blend. With either a fruity or floral infusion. Sadly I'm not the biggest green tea fan. 

Rose tea by Chiswick tea co

Rose bud tea by Chiswick tea company is my absolute favourite tea of all. It's great that I don't have to worry about any caffeine sensitivity issues because it's naturally caffeine free. 


It seems I'm in great company. As the Rose bud tea by Chiswick tea company has been rated a great taste award. Not only does their Rose bud tea smell and taste delicious. It looks so pretty having pale pink rose buds floating in my tea cup. 

Lanka teas

Lanka is my favourite Japanese patisserie here in London. A cute cafe with its own brands of tea on display. You can have a sniff of their tea samples in store. To decide on your perfect tea of choice.

Lanka teas are so fragrant. I particularly like their deluxe quality tea. A blend of ceylon black tea. Green tea. Marigold petals. Rose petals. Corn flower petals. Orange peel. Vanilla and honey flavour. 

Pretty spring tea is just a little luxury to help make lockdown. Quarantine and this pandemic a bit more tolerable.

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