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As we transition into the year 2021. I'm looking back over some of my past favourite self styled looks from 2020 and earlier. 

Denim skirt outfit Denim-skirt-outfit

This white denim skirt is currently one of the favourite pieces in my wardrobe. I love a good white skirt and this denim maxi skirt is a little unique. With its length. Snug fit and side slits that only come up to the knee. Keeping the skirt modest. The way I like all my clothes to be. This denim skirt has been the finishing touch to a number of my outfits. I love to wear white and tan as less than expected winter colours. As pictured in my tan and white denim skirt outfit photo. Where I team the denim skirt with knee high timberland boots. A white. Faux fur bomber jacket and my precious transparent waist belt. A quietly unique belt. Not to be overlooked as the finishing touch to this casual. Yet glam winter denim skirt outfit.

Colourful clothing Colourful-clothing

It can feel daunting to wear colourful clothing. Especially when the days are mostly dark or cloudy. Like they often are in my hometown London. Here, people mostly opt for dark clothing. Muted. Neutral tones. Or pastels. Instead of colourful clothing. Colourful clothing is for the brave among us. Expect to attract attention in your colourful clothing. Embrace it. Don't shy away from it. 

Of course, colourful clothing needs to be done right. Or not at all. As one ages. One might be more self conscious when it comes to experimenting with colourful clothing. Rest assured. You're never too old to wear a colourful piece of clothing. 

In countries like Cuba or India. Colourful clothing is so commonplace. It's almost expected! Think of Indian women in vibrant orange saris and Cuban men who aren't afraid to wear pink. Something about hot weather. Funky music and spicy food brings to mind colourful clothing. Now I'm fantasising about another travel adventure!

Boho chic Boho-chic

I've spoken about chic and boho clothing on this blog before. Boho is a hot weather favourite of mine. Give boho clothing a chic edge and it takes on a more modern. Less shabby vibe. The light. Floaty tops. Skirts and dresses. Not to mention free flowing tresses. Come to mind when I think of boho style. Chic is what happens when you add a touch of boho to your smart casual. Party or office attire. In my pictured boho chic ensemble. I'm wearing a monochrome outfit. In less typical boho colours. Black and white. I feel the simplistic black and white colour combination is what makes it all more chic than just straight boho.

The boho vibes are provided by the floatiness of my top. Complete with tassels. Flute sleeves and contrast stitch embroidery. The black maxi skirt is a long favourite of mine. With flower embroidery and a sheer. Lace bottom half. I finished this boho chic look with a black. Straw hat and chunky sandals.

Off white clothing 


What is it about white and off white clothing that looks so stylish? Sometimes total white can look a bit too dressy. Or too harsh. Total white can even come across tacky when done wrong. Off white clothing. Is, however another story. 

Muted tones of pastel pink. Peaches and cream. Soft greys. Beige and tan are off white wardrobe staples. In every cut and texture imaginable. Off white clothing is perfect for any occasion. And every season. Off white clothing is perfect for adults that want to ooze class and sophistication. Even femininity for us female fashionistas. 

I don't visualise kids or teens. When I typically think of off white clothing. Off white clothing is what Minimal chic is all about. In my off white outfit of rose gold and white I chose a less than typical off white look that received a lot of attention. The subtle shimmer of my rose gold top. Teamed with a warm white denim skirt. Worked well. With the perfect footwear to match. A pair of rose gold glitter encrusted flatform sneakers and transparent waist belt. I think of Rose gold as the off white version of gold.

Shirt with long skirt


The shirt with long skirt look can either be hit or miss. Done correctly. The shirt with long skirt is a stylish outfit. Where you can team a long shirt with a long skirt. Or a regular length shirt with long skirt. As I mostly. Only wear skirts. Modest lengths at that. I'm no stranger to a shirt worn with long skirts. 

You can go super casual with a t-shirt. Or a button blouse type of shirt. The shirt in my outfit pictured is super unique. As it's really long and baggy. With a half blazer half shirt look to it. I think it works, because of the form fitting long skirt. Contrasting the oversized shirt. It's a shirt that also looks great with a waist belt. To provide more structure and shape.

Metallic outfit 

Metallic items of clothing hold a special place in my wardrobe. I love to add subtle amounts of metallic to my outfits. Keeps thing interesting. Just rocking my metallic silver leather jacket. Teamed with a black and grey knit skirt and simple white top. 

Skirt and sneakers 

Funny to think back to a time when I thought sneakers. Or trainers as we brits call em. Looked awful worn with skirts. Now I live in skirt and sneakers combos! As with everything. You just gotta do it right. It's hard to go wrong in converse style sneakers worn with a skirt. I'm loving the sock style sneakers look and flatform sneakers too. Paired with all types of skirts. So long as they're modest in length. I love an A-line. Maxi or midi skirt. 

Athleisure Wear

Athleisure wear is a cool. Comfortable. Relaxed vibe, with an element of Feminine and smart style added. To stop outfits looking a sporty mess. I'm quite particular when it comes to athleisure looks. Most, are not to my taste. 

Long skirt outfit


Long skirts are great. However I mostly wear midi skirts for a bit more freedom to move. 

Nude color dress


This nude color dress was a bit daring. So unique. Really oversized and minimal, but it just works. 

Pleated skirt outfit

Pleats in a skirt add some texture, and can make your outfits look a little more interesting. In my pleated skirt outfit. Pictured above. The lightweight. Pleated polka dot skirt was so comfortable to wear. On a hot summers day. 

Skirt oufit


So by now. You've probably figured that I mostly wear skirts. They're Feminine and modest so that's why I will usually choose a skirt outfit. Once you know how to style a skirt outfit. You'll find that a skirt can be worn comfortably as either a casual outfit. Or a dressy outfit. 

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