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Cazcabel secret tequila bar

My Saturday night started off right with a few tasty tipples at secret. Popup tequila bar. Don's Farmacia - Courtesy of Cazcabel tequila.


The new pop-up from legendary tequila brand Cazcabel is running until Monday 14th November 2022. The 'Don's Farmacia' pop-up bar serves remedial cocktails, exploring the medicinal and flavourful properties of Mexican herbs, roots and spices. Bringing the mystical teachings and practices of Don Cazcabel to the heart of London. 

Popup bar

Enter through the drawing room's secret door at the BFI southbank. Here you'll be transported to an ancient apothecary of Mexico. 

The cozy. Atmospheric bar is filled with antique medical journals. Red velvet. Tonics, tinctures and dried Botanicals. With a library of books. It truly is a curious space to try beautifully crafted restorative cocktails. Served in striking ways and prescribed individually by Don’s cocktail pharmacists.

The cocktails list showcases Cazcabel's flavourful and artisan tequila expressions, alongside indigenous ingredients from Don Cazcabel’s birthplace - the Jalisco Mountains. 

Herbs such as Epazote, traditionally used in cooking and medicine to aid digestion, are blended with Cazcabel Blanco, Green Chartreuse, Elderflower and Lime. Creating a refreshing, punchy concoction. 

The subtly sweet and smokey oak aged, Reposado tequila has been infused with apricot, lime and the beautifully vibrant Marigold flower. Which I mistook for chamomile. 

Don's farmacia

Marigold flowers are habitually used in Aztec medicine to help relieve pain. Xocolatl (Cacoa), native to Mexico, comes alive when combined with Cazcabel coffee, chilli and almond. Creating a truly revitalising drink.

The pop-up bar runs each evening from 5-10pm and is closed on Sundays.

The menu which consists of five flavourful. Cazcabel tequila laced cocktails. Was a fun experience for the senses. 

My first drink of choice. The Herba verde was a favourite of mine. Hubby and the bartender. 

Second was the Miel - with a noticeable taste of chamomile and honey. 

Avocorazion - is avocado and coconut. We both agreed it was our least favourite drink of the night. 

Calendula was a very sour tasting cocktail. Topped with loads of fragrant Calendula. 

My most favourite cocktail from the menu was the Cacao Picante. A chocolate. Chilli and coffee infusion. With tasty black sesame seeds for its topping. 

Some funky Latin tunes played as we enjoyed the ambiance of the hidden Mexican tequila bar. 

If you plan on visiting. You'll have to be quick! The last date for this popup is the date of this publication. Or just buy some cazcabel premium tequila bottles and re recreate these cocktails at home x

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