How to get involved in a beach cleanup

I can't believe it's almost 2020! I was inspired to write about the importance of keeping our oceans and beaches clean, by the cute beach photos of my youngest son pictured below in this article. It should be no secret that plastic pollution has hit an all time high. It really hit home just how terrible the pollution in the ocean and litter drifting up onto the beach had become during our holiday to Mykonos earlier this year in May 2019.

Beach Clean-up
My son aged just 1 years old getting involved in his very first beach cleanup

I love me some beach therapy, but polluted shores are one way to ruin all the fun in the sun. Somebody's going to have to clean up the mess that's being made.. and fast! Towards the end of our 10 day Mikonos holiday. We decided to stay in an almost secluded location by a beach called Merchia beach. The location we stayed in would have been picturesque. If it wan't for the annoying and unsightly rubbish sprawled across a secret beach that I had excitedly discovered close to Merchia beach. We were aware of the first beach. That we had decided to visit and stay within eyeshot of. The second. Secret beach was a welcome bonus during our vacation. We climbed across rocks and shallow waters to reach this uninhabited beach. With it's fine, yellow sand and gentle ocean water.

Upon closer inspection we could see loads of plastic. The toxic material that never dies. The odd items that were washed up on shore could literally have sailed the ocean seas all the way from Australia or Africa for all we knew. There was fishing net and one side of a flip flop among many other things washed ashore.

It just makes the natural beach surroundings look so ugly.

Beaches around the world are suffering from pollution in much the same way. It's crucial that more people reduce plastic consumption and waste. Plus get involved in a beach cleanup or ocean clean up.

Beach clean up
This broom was one of the many items found on the secret beach littered with rubbish

Taking part in a beach clean up is something that can be done spontaneously. Independently or as part of a group. You could advertise a beach cleanup via social media or local community forums. Stick up cleanup posters in a nearby beach town or contact your local council.

Sadly more and more non-biodegradable rubbish gets washed up on a beach near you each day. With no-one to clean up the mess. The items drifting through the ocean do a lot of damage to aquatic life, so we need continuous efforts of volunteers to clean up our ocean and perform a regular beach cleanup.

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