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Cheap all inclusive resorts and Vacations 

Cheap all inclusive resorts
Doctors Cave Beach
I went to Jamaica in October 2020. Where I made a brief visit to one of the only 3 star. All inclusive resorts on the island. So I thought I'd share my opinion of cheap all inclusive resorts. 

This was not my first rodeo concerning cheap. All inclusive vacations. As in the past I've enjoyed some winter sun at one of Costa Del Sol's cheap all inclusive resorts. Where booze. Entertainment and food were all a part of the package deal in Costa Del Sol. 

We travelled off season in winter and enjoyed only a slither of sunshine by the pool. During our four night trip.

The food was tasteless. Live music depressing and the whole resort felt like a visit to a retirement home. I'll never forget the raw onions at the buffet of this resort. They had no smell and they had no taste. 

By comparison. All inclusive resorts are often very expensive. Especially the high end 4 and 5 star resorts that we dream about frequenting. In my opinion. Most luxury resorts are extremely overpriced. Regardless of their impressive facilities. 

DejaExpensive vacations are only truly money well spent for gluttons. If you plan on eating loads and drinking more than your weight in alcohol each day! 

Deja resort was a last minute booking. Due to problems getting our initial return flights at the airport. We wanted a cheap location. Near the beach and going all inclusive just took some of the stress out of our stressful situation. 

Deja resort was quite clean. The lobby spaces look dated. However the hotel rooms are more up to date. With nice high ceilings and wooden beams. 

Staff at Deja were a mix of pleasant and mediocre. The hotel is quite small. Something I actually prefer. 

Facilities available included a snooker table and chess board. Small outdoor pool. Coffee and Icecream cafe. Plus an in house nightclub. The nightclub is not a pretty picture. Very dated. With a dirty red carpet. Red lighting and cockroaches chilling on the bar. I kid you not! 

Still we couldn't stop our three year old from having a boogie. 

The food at Deja sounds better than it tastes. The buffet selection was small and there appeared to be zero seasoning used in any of the food. 

One of the nicer perks at Deja was the complimentary access each day to one of the most popular beaches in Jamaica. Doctors cave beach. 

A stay at Deja is worth it. If just for the luxury of visiting the pay to enter Doctor's cave beach, directly across the road. 

Doctor's cave beach has food and drinks vendors. With waiting staff that come directly to you. So you don't have to leave your section of the beach. There are parasols, but no loungers or towels. Thankfully Deja resort provide their guests with beach towels. 

Cheap all inclusive vacations

After a full week of heavy rain. The clouds parted Doctors cave beach - a relatively small beach in Montego bay withsuper soft golden sand and really rough tourquise seas. 

Mountains are a distant backdrop. Beach bars and restaurants. Plus Starbucks surround doctors cave beach. There are two beachfront hotels to choose from. Deja across the road and S hotel directly on doctors cave beach. With it's own private part of the beach. 

The sand and sea at Doctor's cave beach is dreamy. Thankfully the weather had drastically improved too. However, the seas here can get very rough. Doctor's cave beach was good for the experience. However, I much prefer more intimate. Hidden gem beaches. Or luxurious beach clubs that provide sun loungers. 

It was nice to watch the sun setting from the rooftop of Deja. With a warm evening breeze across our shoulders. The stress of our recent airport dilemma was slowly fading away. 

So, what are the pros of choosing cheap all inclusive vacations? 

Pros :

Price has to be the top benefit of choosing cheap all inclusive resorts. You won't be saving up for the better part of the year to enjoy your cheap all inclusive vacations. Many cheap all inclusive resorts are the same price. If not less than cheap apartments. Or hotel rooms.

Another perk of choosing cheap. All inclusive resorts is that you really get to destress and relax. As everything (or at least a good amount) is under one roof. For one cheap price. 

Entertainment. Food. Housekeeping and drinks. You won't have to make any extra decisions about where to go and what to do. Unless. Of course you want to. You don't have any chores to take care of. Neither is there a need for trying to figure out whether you've budgeted enough cash for food. Drink. Entertainment. Transport and tips.  

There are no limits at all inclusive resorts. You can have another plate of pudding. Or try as many cocktails as are on offer. For one cheap price. There's no worrying about the final bill. (Don't quote me on this. As resorts have different terms and conditions. So do your research.) 

The final pro of cheap. All inclusive vacations. Is that your expectations are low. You aren't banking everything on this vacation being perfect. Should anything not be to your standard. You will be much less disappointed. Then if you had spent your life savings. 

Time to discuss the cons of cheap. All inclusive resorts. 


Cons : 

Expect super cheap everything! Tacky entertainment. Old. Possibly dirty facilities. You might feel like your in a teenagers dormitory. Or elderly persons home. Rather than enjoying your cheap all inclusive vacations. So choose cheap resorts carefully! 

Quantity doesn't equal quality on all inclusive vacations. Expect bland. Undesirable food and drinks from your cheap all inclusive resorts. As the norm. 

Cheap resorts savings

What do you think about planning cheap all inclusive vacations? Have you experienced cheap all inclusive resorts in the past? Leave your comments below. 

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