First Solo Break Away From The Kids

I love vacationing in luxury hotels and I too love the lake District. So when I found a low cost package at one of the luxury spa hotels that the lake District has to offer. I simply couldn't pass up the chance.

Lake District Luxury Hotels
The staircase of the Netherwood hotel near the Lake District

It's really hitting home to me now that I'm no longer a mother of one, but a super busy mum of two. My youngest will be 2 years old in a couple of months, and he's been so full of energy and curiosity over this past year. He demands my full attention at every waking moment. Until he finally surrenders to sleep at night. By which time I'm usually far too exhausted to properly enjoy any me time.

I'm so proud of his progress. He's very advanced for his age. It's quite a relief for my husband and I as sadly, our oldest son didn't meet all his milestones as a baby, and was later diagnosed with autism. My solo break away to the Netherwood - one of the luxury spa hotels in the lake District was wonderful and couldn't have come at a better moment. It just wasn't nearly a long enough break, but I must be greatful for the opportunity.

I travelled quite far away from home via train to a picturesque location close to the lake District. The only regret I have is going so far for just one overnight stay. However sometimes we all desperately need a change of scenery. Especially living in an overcrowded city like I do.

Review of the Netherwood Hotel and Spa
I had forgotten what personal space felt like. I stayed at the Netherwood hotel, which overlooks some wet marshes of sand with greenery as the backdrop. The hotels building is periodic. Reminiscent of Downtown Abbey, with a very romantic and cosy feel. Plus a luxury spa on site. A log fire burns in the lobby during the evening. With soothing jazz music playing in the background.

As soon as I arrived at my luxury hotel of choice, near the lake District. It was straight to the spa for an hour long candle light massage. Where warm, fragrant oil was massaged into my tired limbs. It was the perfect start to my overnight stay.

Next it was time for cream tea. With prosecco and warm. Freshly baked scones. Before I knew it. I was back downstairs again for my evening meal. A delicious three course dinner of soup. Vegetarian main and dessert.

The next morning I was up early for a delicious cooked breakfast. Followed by a short stroll around the hotels grounds. The air was crisp. A reminder that English summer days are officially behind me. I welcomed my cosy hotel room afterwards.

After a little bit of me time upstairs, I decided to fit in a quick exercise session on the treadmill, before going for my scheduled second massage in the gorgeous hotels spa area. Feeling ever so relaxed. I made my way through the luxury hotels spa and was thankfully alone for the majority of my time there.

Lake District Spa Hotels
The hot tubs and swing chairs in the luxury spa hotel near the Lake District

The spa facilities include a salt inhalation room. Which is great for coughs. Colds and chest infections. An aromatherapy steam room. Dry sauna. Experience shower. An ice fountain. Plus two hot tubs and a cold plunge tub. Once I had finished. I relaxed on a swing chair in a dimly lit area of the spa, before getting ready for my long journey back to London.

Arriving home took forever. Thankfully baby was asleep when I crept in. My husband surprised me with some beautiful flowers that night and a delicious breakfast in bed the next morning. For a moment I thought he had forgotten how to be romantic!

I'm praying for snow in the Lake District in January, so we can go back up to the Netherwood hotel near the Lake District together. Warm up in the hotels luxury spa. Cosy up by the fire in the lobby. Maybe read a book in the library and enjoy the romance of being snowed under.

If you're looking for luxury hotels in the lake District that won't break the bank and you're willing to stay a little bit further afield from the lake District, then the Netherwood hotel is a great choice.

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