Halotherapy House

Halotherapy House on the isle of Sheppey, Kent. Is a unique tiny house. That sleeps up to six people. It's a self catering holiday home. Offering self administered health treatments. Spectacular views. Plus a nearby beach.

This holiday home and health retreat is only an hours drive outside London. Yet it feels like you're in a totally different world. 

The property receives plenty of sunshine. With views across open fields. Where wildlife such as rabbits and birds are regular visitors.

Salt is the main focus of halotherapy house health retreat in Leysdown-on-sea. The master bedroom has been transformed into a halo therapy room. Halo therapy is the official name for salt therapy.

You'll notice real Himalayan salt in the form of a Himalayan salt wall and salt air purifier in this uniquely designed room. 

Time spent at the halo therapy retreat can perform many wonders such as :
  • boosting ones energy
  • improving your mood
  • improved sleep
  • reduced allergies
  • relief from asthma and other respiratory health conditions 
  • Reducing recovery times of coughs. Colds. Flu and other viruses.
  • healing and soothing skin conditions
  • reducing stress
  • detoxifying the body
  • reducing pain and inflammation
  • Strengthening the immune system

The main bedroom at halotherapy house is possibly the worlds first and only halotherapy bedroom!

As with many natural health treatments. Symptoms can often appear to worsen or aggravate before improving immensely. This is actually a good sign that the therapy is working. It is therefore recommended that at least three consecutive nights are spent at Halotherapy House for best results.

Vibration is an equally important part of this holiday home. Everything has a vibration. Such as colours. Sounds. Animals. Even the earth. You will notice a vibrating power plate machine for gentle to moderate exercise at your leisure. The machine vibrates in different directions and can even be used whilst sitting reading or watching TV.

The right vibration can bring about healing. Happiness and even reverse signs of ageing. So why not improve your circulation. Energy. Bone and muscle strength with the power plate exercise machine at Halotherapy House in Kent.

In the living room, the comfy sofa doubles up as a sofa bed. A romantic and relaxing electric fireplace can be enjoyed in the evenings. Along with complimentary WiFi and a wide screen TV.

The final natural healing treatment available at Halotherapy House is an earthing strap. Located next to the spacious king size bed in the master bedroom.

Earthing Also known as grounding. Is a way to connect back to the natural earth outside. 

Studies have shown that being in contact with the earths natural energy. Can greatly improve our well being. In these modern times. Mankind does not have much contact with the earth.

We wear non conductive shoes outdoors and spend too much time indoors. 

The earthing strap is plugged in to a socket. Without the need to switch on the plug. 

Apply the strap to an arm or leg for at least an hour. In doing so. You will be connected to the earth's magnetic field and gentle healing. Improved circulation. Reduced stress and a better quality of sleep can begin.

This tiny holiday home close to the beach is the perfect health retreat for a solo break. Romantic couples getaway. Friends or fun family holiday with kids. 

Available to book here online from mid July 2020 to December 2020. Join the mailing list for a discount launch price and to be notified of the official opening.