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What is Caligynephobia?

Caligynephobia. Also known as Venustraphobia is the fear of beautiful women. Doesn't sound that bad you're probably thinking? 

Well. When you consider covert abuse such as angry stares. Passive aggression. Prejudice. Hostility. Negative tension and ostracism that women dubbed beautiful often have to endure. 

I'm hoping you'll at least think twice about envying the next beauty that passes you by!

Maybe caligynephobia stemmed from childhood experiences and irrational fears. 

Perpetrators often project the fear, hate and envy they feel towards attractive women in what can be considered a covert form of abuse. 

Either knowingly or unknowingly. Worse still. A small number of people with Venustraphobia and Caligynephobia have. Or would take it upon themselves to physically hurt. Or even kill their victims!

This is why the fear of beautiful women needs to be taken seriously and spoken about more openly.

About Me

I'm the worlds first caligynephobia activist. An ex-model and author of books Caligynephobia. Covert abuse tactics exposed and my autobiography Lights Camera Danielle. 

I started the podcast - Caligynephobia Chronicles to document my own personal experiences and observations on the topic of Caligynephobia. As I have very often been on the receiving end. 

With over 70 mini episodes and counting. All available to listen to from any major podcast streaming outlet. 

Listeners will gain an in depth understanding on this phobia. The sneaky tactics of covert abuse. Used by toxic people and why it can all have very damaging affects.

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Caligynephobia Chronicles

Every day around the world. People are abused just because others find them attractive! 

Find out more and learn how you can heal. Or help others to heal. Plus put an end to abuse. 

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