Why I dress modestly

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Why I dress modestly


To dress modestly is in my opinion to dress with the utmost class. Elegance and femininity. Isn't it funny the way some people have a problem with a spiritual decision to dress modestly. 

Yet, if you were. For example. A member of the royal family. Who usually by default dress modestly. The very same people would likely say that you look so beautiful and elegant in your non-revealing attire. 

In this day and age, where nothing is left to the imagination. Where there is sadly a lot of immorality. Broken homes. Gender wars and sexual confusion are at an all time high. The oversexualisation of the nation definitely has a lot to do with the problem. 

With most people not choosing to dress modestly. Leaving something to the imagination is a thing of the past. Clear gender roles and genuine romance are sadly also things of the past. Or only witnessed and romanticised in period pieces in TV and film. If you are completely honest and not in your emotions concerning this topic. I'm sure you can agree. 

It's hard to dress modestly, because most clothes on the market are made to look immodest. Thigh high and even crotch high splits in skirts or dresses are now common place. Skin tight bodycon dresses and painted on jeans are the extreme opposite of modestly dressing. Items, it seems all women now own. No matter how young. Old or even if such apparel would be unflattering on out of shape bodies. 

We are silenced for telling the truth about unhealthy bodies, and the lack of dignity for being well dressed. Many women seem to have no ability to blush. The few modest clothes available to buy are usually not very appealing. Or too costly to afford. 

Fast fashion is now so inexpensive and extremely creative. With an option to pay in installments. Or even buy now, pay later. Most of this fast fashion is what would have been considered the attire of an harlot in times past. Clothing sold to women that doesn't look like prostitution apparel is altogether another extreme. Usually baggy, masculine looking. 

So there is little in the way of a respectable. Happy medium for those of us who long to dress modestly but not compromise on style. 

A lazy person will buy what is easiest to access and effortless to style. So this is a large reason for a lack in modest dress. When you choose to dress modestly. You make a conscious decision to do so. 

Your limbs will be properly protected against the elements. Including hot weather. I also like to dress modestly because my clothing is so much more comfortable. Not too tight and restrictive. I don't have to keep adjusting. 

I'm always appropriate for every situation. Let's be honest. Most people wouldn't feel good about wearing a slutty "freakum dress" to visit grandma. Go to church or visit children in a school. That's because deep down inside many of us know that some of what we've been wearing isn't quite right. 

I dress modestly because I love my heavenly father. Known commonly as God. Who's true name is I Am. 

He requires his children to dress with decency. To be humble and not wear anything too costly. I don't wish to cause men or young boys to lust. Those days are well behind me. Having been made new through Christ and the holy spirit. 

I don't want to seem desperate for the wrong type of attention. I'm not trying to compete with other women, or make them feel insecure and uncomfortable in my presence. 

Yes it takes some effort to always dress modestly. However the most high deserves my effort. So I'll keep trying my best. 

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